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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Everybody have a great Christmas? Or holidays, if you want to be a bit more politically correct (to the point of nausea if you ask me; getting a bit tired of the wimpish catering to every single special interest group, so afraid of stepping on any delicate but oh-so-vociferous footsies - sorry, I'm off the soap box). What I was saying was that I had a really great Christmas (Holidays... you know the rest). Got plenty of gifts, of course all of them were for my as-yet-to-be-born daughter Tenée (who's taking her own sweet time getting here young lady!), but then I got a gift just for myself. Well, me and the rest of the cast and crew of 'True Beauty'. We won 'Best Picture' at this year's Maverick Movie Awards! And in a decision obviously based on my directing on not Dustin's acting, he won 'Best Actor'! We were also nominated for 'Best Director', 'Best Screenplay', 'Best Cinematography', 'Best Actress', 'Best Editing', 'Best Soundtrack' and 'Best Sound Design/Editing'. Whew, quite a list, so everybody who worked on the film should feel really proud. According to the mission statement, the Maverick Movie Awards champion 'true independent/underground cinema created outside of the Hollywood system -- regardless of style, genre, or budget -- our hope is to re-ignite the spirit of the major film festivals and distribution pioneers by celebrating what they once valued above glitz, glamour, and movie stars: great cinema.'
So thank you everybody...


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