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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Attention grabbing headline resolves into explanation that's still cool, but doesn't quite have the glitz and glamour the original conjures up: The Other Venice Film Festival accepted 'True Beauty'. Which other one? Well, that's what the festival's called. Other Venice Film Festival. Hence the headline, see? It's a double play, makes you think that... and then... never mind. The festival's in Venice Beach, October 15 through 18, and the theater looks really cool:


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  1. That theater, the California Theater, was torn down years ago. It used to be on the boardwalk. I'm sure they posted that picture for historical purposes only. The '09 OVFF will be at Digital Domain, Beyond Baroque and the Hotel Erwin. Congrats on getting picked! I know they did not select very many from the hundreds of entries they received.